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  • Six of 1 Music keep their finger on the pulse by delivering successful promotional campaigns time after time. If you've got the goods, Six of 1 will get them heard."

  • "Six of 1 Music have been a big help over the last few years with promotion for my projects and extra exposure. Glad to have them on board!”

    Erb N Dub
    Erb N Dub
  • “I’m collaborating since few weeks with Urban Hit Promo and i have to tell that they really know how to work, they have a very good communication system!”

    Alex Guesta
    Alex Guesta
Public Media Relations

Presenting yourself to the media is an art and a good network of media contacts is what we have!

Artist Brand Management

Every successful artist has a strong brand image which we can help you create!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media for a business should be marketed professionally, you are a business!

Who are Six of 1 Music?

Founded in 2010 (as Urban Hit Promotions) by David Skilling /Skillzbeatz a music producer from London, England. The company now does business under Six of 1 Music as of 2014. 

We are a full service Digital Marketing  firm for the music industry working in partnership with Six of 1 PR.

We work with various clients from DJ’s to Singers, Rappers & Producers. Our aim is to build our clients online platform to enable them to stand out in the ever evolving music industry. We can take relatively unknown brands and build a network around them which leads them on the path to success. 

We will design, develop & maintain your online brand allowing you to focus on what’s important. Making Music!!!

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